Spring Project – Garage Alteration

We need to create a little extra space at home and the garage is a just somewhere to unnecessarily hoard the things I cant make the final decision to dispose of. In addition the garage flat roof now needs replacing

Changing the garage into a comfortable room we can use as a home office / spare bedroom (with sofa bed) is both convenient and relatively inexpensive.

To do this we intend to bring forward the front of the garage (by approx 3.30m) to create a sheltered alcove over the front door by extending the roof-line down.

As the existing pebble dashing is pretty poor around the existing front door and although we would love to replace all the pebble dashing, for now, We want to keep the cost down. If we select a nice brick for the garage extension we can also replace the facing brick around the font door and adjacent window to match.


I think we need to maintain at least two off-road parking spaces under the local planning guidelines, bringing the garage forward impacts on the current parking arrangements. Widening the existing gateposts and extending the driveway into the existing lawn area will achieve this ( i don’t enjoy cutting the grass anyway)

Garage Roof

If we where to form a normal roof pitch against the west elevation of the house the top of the new roof would cover the windows on this elevation. to avoid this, if we only pitch the roof to a point beneath the large landing window we maintain the natural light from these. This will leave us with a very shallow roof pitch.

To ensure the south elevation looks pleasing, I have extended the existing roof pitch down over the front door and across the front of th e extension, therefore the garage roof looks like an extension of the front porch area.

I have put our ideas down using Google Sketchup, they are not exactly to scale, but very close.
If you have Google Sketchup installed on your computer you can download my original drawings here for the existing and the proposed

Existing - ISO Drawing
Existing – ISO Drawing
Existring - South Elevation
Existring – South Elevation
Existing - West Elevation
Existing – West Elevation
Existing - North Elevation
Existing – North Elevation

Existing - Plan Drawing
Existing – Plan Drawing
Proposed  - ISO Drawing
Proposed – ISO Drawing
Proposed  - South Elevation
Proposed – South Elevation
Proposed  - West Elevation
Proposed – West Elevation
Proposed  - North Elevation
Proposed – North Elevation

Proposed  - Plan Drawing
Proposed – Plan Drawing

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