A new doormats brand, background, compliance and delivery

I have a UK company Morland Solutions Limited and we have very recently launched a new doormats brand; Morland Matting. https://www.morlandmat.co.uk This offer is a collection of high quality, Commercial, Industrial and Residential Doormats and Entrance Matting Systems. Each mat is designed to provide many years of performance in demanding commercial and industrial environments. The

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Morning Mal

BKPC. 4th November 2017, Jump 275, my first parachute malfunction. Brake fire followed by line twists, and no I didn’t unstow the other toggle :/. I deployed the reserve on my back and the harness caught me in the face on opening pushing the goggles into my face, it’s not as bad as it looks

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Matthew – Tandem Skydive

This was Matthews 18th Birthday present, he loved it, the day reminded me of my static line jump at Blackpool when I was 18, but this looks so much more fun. It’s great to for us that Matthew enjoyed his 18th birthday present! It appeared like he had a fantastic time, and it’s wonderful that

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