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DDNS (Dynamic DNS) on Cloudflare (using your own domain name)

There are a number of dynamic DNS services available to set up in your home router, its easier to remember a domain name than a dynamically changing IP address. Often you will create a hostname based on the DDNS providers … Continue reading

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Outlook (Protected View) has stopped working

When I try to open a Microsoft Office email attachment from within Microsoft Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 on my Microsoft Surfacebook. I receive the following error dialog: followed shortly after by this: and the file fails to open. This … Continue reading

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Matthew – Tandem Skydive

This was Matthews 18th Birthday present, he loved it, the day reminded me of my static line jump at Blackpool when I was 18, but this looks so much more fun.

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airkix – Manchester

For Fathers day in 2010, Dominique and Matthew gave me a great present, a body flying session at airkix in Manchester, the tickets were for two people so Matthew came along and we had a great time.

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Lenovo x220 tablet Specification

Lenovo now have the specification sheet on line for download here. x220_tablet_datasheet.pdf  

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SCO Openserver 5.05 add a default route

I needed to add a default route to my SCO Openserver 5.05 box. I used the following command route add default ( is the main router on my network) To make this persistent I then edited /etc/tcp, searched for … Continue reading

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Airbus A380 Business Class Bar

This is the passenger bar at the back of business class at the upper deck of the Emirates Airbus A380. Its amazing, as well as the usual selection of drinks cocktails nibbles they have a hot snacks menu, as my … Continue reading

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St Johns Ambulance

I saw this St Johns Ambulance outside the exhibition hall in Hanover in January. It doesn’t look good if the ambulance has DIE written on it.

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